Dream catcher’s singer John Rech is also a comic book author collaborating with illustrator Andy Genen


While discussing the artwork for the 'when we were young’ EP back in 2008, John and Andy thought of combining their love for music & comic books, thus creating dream catcher’s first ‘sonic comic’.

The following success, their complicity as well as shared fun resulted in several projects as well as 3 ongoing comic book series:
'Junior’s adventures’
'Alex & Tun’
‘dream catcher’s sonic comics’

They’ve won Luxembourg’s Book Prize in 2012 and 2015.

dream catcher - sonic comic 4
Postcards from Luxembourg

dream catcher - sonic comic 3
Music, films & dreams
(2015 - lëtz. / engl. - Buch Präis 2015)

dream catcher - sonic comic 2
Irish Nights
(2010 - lëtz. / engl.)

dream catcher - sonic comic 1
When we were young
(2009 - lëtz. / engl.)

Dem Junior seng Aventuren 2
Sch(n)éi Vakanz!
(2012 - lëtz.)

Dem Junior seng Aventuren 1
’t ass Vakanz!
(2011 - lëtz./ engl. /fr.)