In 2023, to mark the band’s 25th anniversary, Dream Catcher will release its entire back catalogue in digital form. This will be preceded by the catalogue of the cult band T42 from the 90s, to which John Rech and Eric Falchero belonged. More than half the repertoire has never been released in digital form before. It is supplemented by an album of previously unreleased song material.

Especially for this occasion, Dream Catcher have assembled an exclusive program together with the Big Band of the Harmonie Municipale de Dudelange: Best of T42 & Dream Catcher. The show will be presented on the open-air stages of the Grand Duchy in the summer of 2023.

As another highlight, Dream Catcher will open the two evenings of Robbie Williams’ concerts in Luxembourg. And for the 5th anniversary of CGDIS, Dream Catcher are announced as headliners together with the well-known German indie rock band Sportfreunde Stiller.

On 9 June Jazzhaus Records will be releasing Dream Catcher’s long awaited double album „Live - Under a blood red ground“. Recorded at the Musée National des Mines de Fer in Rumelange, some seventy meters below ground and one kilometer into the tunnels of the “Walert” iron ore mine, this best of collection is a bearing of witness of Dream Catcher’s Vagabonds Tour, showing a band clearly having fun and enjoying themselves as they share stories and songs.

Dream Catcher have been thrilling audiences with great live concerts around the globe for over 25 years, from Canada and the USA to Japan, Singapore and Europe. The Dream Catchers are: charismatic frontman John Rech, accompanied by the virtuosity of guitarist Christof Brill, the wild melodies of Wolfgang Wehner on violin, Eric Falchero on accordion and piano, the solid groove of Claude Zeimes on bass and Rainer Dettling on drums. A colourful and varied mixture of their Luxembourgish roots, combined with Celtic folk, French chanson and rousing pop. The gifted musicians storm your heart right away and take you on an eventful musical journey. Dream Catcher are like their homeland: multilingual and cosmopolitan.

In 1998, their first EP “Happy In my Treehouse” was released and promptly became a classic on the radio stations in Luxembourg. Written and released in 2003 in the fight against leukaemia, “Deng Hand” developed into another great success for the likeable band. In 2023, the song will be presented in a new musical guise for Télévie’s 20th anniversary, produced by the brilliant pianist and composer Augustin Charnet.

The singles “Sunny Days” and “When We Were Young” and all their subsequent albums topped the national charts. These successes led to prestigious appearances as special guests of Sting, Alanis Morissette, Bon Jovi, Puggy, Counting Crows, Train and many others. The band also works with big names on the local and international music scenes, such as Luxembourg jazz prodigy Pascal Schumacher, songwriter Ezio and Irish folk band Beoga, who contributed two songs to Ed Sheeran’s album “÷”.

But it was undoubtedly the last Sean Graham-produced studio album “Vagabonds” from 2017 that brought growing attention, a flood of praise and the Music Export Prize in the category “Rock-Pop-Folk”. Here, the sheer incredible playfulness and diversity of the six-piece troupe becomes masterfully clear. “Vagabonds” is considered by fans and critics alike to be the band’s best album so far, with captivating melodies, accessible choruses and fine verses. A colourful mélange of Celtic pop, French chansons, rock and melodious ballads. Two big hits like “J’veux du soleil plein la vie” and “Nanana” stand out. But also “Not too old to folk’n’roll” and “Verluer” with, on guitar, the majestic sounds of the Breton bard Dan Ar Braz, are now also integral to Dream Catcher’s repertoire.

In late 2018, Dream Catcher and illustrator Andy Genen, a full secret member of the ensemble, published the fourth Sonic Comic “Postcards from Luxembourg”. Here, music and comics merge into one work, recounting the book-award winning adventures of Dad & Junior in Dream Catcher’s multiverse. A cheerful, humorous, poetic world bursting with ideas, which has also given rise to the iconic “Pirate Duck”: the group’s logo, also featured on the cover of the new live album.

Dream Catcher creates a beautiful connection between pub folk rock à la Pogues and timeless acoustic pop ballads that come from the heart and are close to our hearts. This has to be celebrated. Cheers!